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The nextBATS meeting will be Thursday April 5, 2007 at the Roxbury Tavern in Roxbury at 7:00 pm

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The BATS repeater now has a SSTV input on 445.95 MHz - vertical polarization. Give it a try!

The BATS repeater is currently on the air with Weather Radar, and tower cam video - 421.25 MHz, Cable Channel 57 - Vertical Polarization.

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Need plans for a cheap and simple ATV Yagi?

Kenwood VCH1 Connections

Photo of Spring BATS meeting at Roxbury Tavern courtesy of Gene Haralan WB9MMM of ATVQ Magazine




BATS is an organization in south central Wisconsin organized to promote the use of amateur television. Meetings are held quarterly. Membership can be obtained by sending your name, address, call sign, phone number and first year dues of $20 to BATS; c/o Steve Schulze N9UDO, Treasurer; 1120 City View Road; Baraboo, WI; 53913. Meeting notices will be posted on this site, as well as on the mailing list.

The mailing list serves as the primary means of communication to the membership. To subscribe in the DIGEST mode to the mailing list send any email to from your email address. To subscribe in the FEED mode to the mailing list send any email to from your email address. You will need to reply to lists manager's email to complete the subscriptiion to the list - just follow the directions on the email. Once you are subscribed to the list, messages can then be sent to all members of the list by sending your email message to

Work is currently under way to construct an inband ATV repeater on the Baraboo Bluffs at a site donated to the club by Pointon Communications. Thanks to Len Kreyer, N9QIP of Skywave Aerial Service we have the UHF antenna mounted at 310 feet off the east side of the tower on a six foot sidearm with 7/8" hardline running into the equipment shack. Thanks to Joe Mayenshein, WB9SBD, who fabricated the interdigital filters and to Tom Weeden, WJ9H, who tuned them up, we now have pairs of both receive and transmit VSB filters. Thanks to Steve Schulze, N9UDO, we have installed a satellite dish for NASA feeds. Recently Len Kreyer, N9QIP, installed a 10 element yagi at about 120' pointed towards Madison that will be used as a receive antenna. BATS has club call sign KB9SFS and is a member of ATNA. As usual, this website is always under construction, so stop back often to see the latest news on the clubs progress.

Check out our ATV Resources page.

If you have comments, suggestions, or questions email them to (take out the nospam) N9LKY@"nospam"